North Babylon Food Pantry

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As a recipient of food from an emergency program you are entitled to:

  • receive food free of charge
  • be treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • refuse any food items that do not meet your dietary or religious standards
  • to receive food that meets local, state and federal standards for food safety

You are not required to give donations, pay, work or participate in religious services in order to receive food.


 For Intake and Donation Procedures see information provided below.


Intake Procedure:

Each family will go through a process called an intake interview.  During that interview, they will fill out a New Client Intake Sheet to begin their Food Pantry experience. 

There will be a folder with the client's name on it with the New Client Intake Sheet and the Client Notes form inside.  The information on these forms is to allow the Pantry to get to know it's Clients' needs and to keep track of how many times per month the Client has actually visited the Pantry.  Each time the Client returns to the Pantry, they must sign in on a dated sign in sheet.  They will then be handed a Food Pantry inventory sheet where they can check off what they need and go to the Pantry window to have their orders filled.  Families are only allowed to come twice a month for food.

After the New Client Intake Sheet has been filled out, the volunteer should point out to the client that we have a Client's Bill of Rights posted on the corkboard hung in the pantry window.

No one can be turned away from the Food Pantry.  If a family is homeless, an emergency package of food that does not have to be cooked will be prepared from the family and given to them. 

All families are able to choose their own food which the volunteer will get for them from the pantry room.

Donation Procedure:

All food must be checked for expiration dates by the volunteer who is breaking down and shelving a delivery.  That volunteer will organize the food by expiration date and bring it downstairs to the pantry.

Any recently expired can be offered to our clients from a table with a sign on it that reads "Recently Expired Food.  Please Help Yourself."  Older expired food that does not meet the safety guidelines established in the Food Safety Booklet will be thrown out.  Any food that requires refrigeration after opening is perfectly acceptable. 

Large donations from drives are to be brought to the church balcony, where the person making the delivery signs the Contribution Sheet which is located in the pantry's file cabinet.  If we have prior knowledge of a delivery, the volunteers for that day will be notified.

To schedule a delivery time, please call Robin at 631-620-3189.

To all who Donate: